NIGHT LIFE: The Newest Trend In Bars? Not Serving Any Booze

Get ready for a new type of bar scene. One that includes absolutely no alcohol. That's the latest trend in some big cities around the world. Sobriety bars are opening up with the objective of delivering a fun night out without having any alcohol. 

Sober nightlife is taking off in New York City with a few of these pop-up sobriety bars opening up as well as locations in London. You won't find any bourbon or whiskey on the menu, just a bunch of drinks that have coconut milk and kombucha as ingredients.  

Studies show Americans are choosing to drink less and are looking for alternatives. Sales of non-alcoholic beer have been booming, and an entire industry of non-alcoholic spirits has developed over the past few years, so it only makes sense that these bars are starting to pop-up. You can expect more of them as well.

Source: Daily Beast 

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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