MOMS: Reveal Worst Mother's Day Gift They Ever Got

Mother’s Day is coming up quickly - May 12th is next weekend, so it’s time to nail down what you’re giving the moms in your life. Taking her to brunch, or sending her a lovely floral arrangement are always nice options, and a sentimental gift is always appreciated. But if you want to avoid getting her something she’ll despise, check out the worst present these moms say they got for Mother’s Day and don’t make the same mistakes.

  • A lamp from the garbage - Her hubby found her a vintage-looking, colorful lamp and she liked it okay until she found out he garbage picked it … and it didn’t even work, which showed her “he was too busy or too dumb to care.”
  • A free back rub booklet - Sounds like a great gift, right? But the mom who got it says she cringed because her man gives terrible back rubs.
  • A gift card from him, for him - A dad gave his wife a gift card to his favorite restaurant, which is a steakhouse … and she’s a vegetarian. She gave it back and told him to get her something more thoughtful!
  • Food poisoning - Breakfast in bed is a thoughtful way to honor mom on Mother’s Day, and one mom will never forget when her family made it for her, because it gave her food poisoning.
  • A rotten arrangement - A woman’s hubby was onto something good when he sent her an Edible Arrangements basket full of fruit. Unfortunately, she didn’t know it was delivered until she found it outside later that night, already covered in flies.
  • A temporary distraction - One mom was thrilled her husband got her a day-long spa package for Mother’s Day, but when she came home a few minutes early and found him watching football with the guys, while the kids were crying and the house was a mess? She wasn’t too happy anymore.
  • A really dumb mug - A coffee mug isn’t the most romantic gift in the world, but one husband thought he was hilarious when he got his wife - who works for his company - a mug that reads: “I Sleep With The Boss.” And you can bet she did NOT drink out of that at the office!