STRAY CATS:“Rock It Off” With New Single

TheStray Cats are returning with a new album, “40,” dropping May 24th, and they’ve just released a new track from the album. 

The latest is the tune “Rock it Off,” which Brian Setzer tells “Billboard” was inspired by a phone call he had a few years ago with his songwriting partner MikeHimelstein, who asked him how he was feeling. “I said, ‘I’m a little off today, but don’t worry, tonight I’m gonna rock it off,’” Setzer shares. “You know, if you have a hangover or you don’t feel that good, we say you’re gonna rock it off.”

As for their decision to reunite, Setzer notes, “A lot of people were clamoring for us, underneath, on the Internet,” adding, “And there were no hard feelings [in the band]. Everyone does their own thing. And then with the 40th anniversary coming up, it’s like, you want to hear rockabilly? Not everyone does. But if you want to hear it, we’re the guys, right?”


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