JENNIFER GARNER: Had The Best Reaction To Being People's Most Beautiful

There’s no denying that Jennifer Garner is one of the most beautiful celebs out there, and now it's “official” as she’s on the cover of “People” magazine’s annual “Most Beautiful” issue, has mixed feelings about being on the “Most Beautiful” cover of “People” magazine. Thing is? Jen herself doesn’t exactly get it.

In fact, when she dished on the deal during an appearance on “Ellen” yesterday, she admitted that she feels totally weird about it…and doesn’t really think she deserves it. “It's so embarrassing! I can't look at it," says the 47-year-old. "People is now a magazine for AARP." Ellen pushed back, of course, saying she thinks Jen’s a “beautiful person inside and out.”

And while we totally agree with Ellen…Garner tells “People”that everyday folks actually give her a particular compliment, quite often. “They tell me I’m prettier in person than I am on screen,” she notes. “You might as well see it for the compliment that they mean it to be. I don’t know what it is, but that is by far what I hear the most.”

ONE MORE THING! You know that incessant rumor that's Jen's pregnant again? Yeah...she's heard it, too. And she's not. "I'm 47," Garner told Ellen. "We've wrapped it up."


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