TACO BELL: Customers Share Their Favorite Menu Hacks

Fans of Taco Bell know there are ways to tweak the menu to create the exact item you want, even if it’s not on the menu. Now they’re sharing some of their favorite menu hacks with us, so we can all get in on the fun.

  • Recreate the enchirito- Order the bean burrito, have them add beef, and top with red sauce and cheese.
  • When you can’t decide between a cheese quesadilla and a burrito- You don’t have to! Just order a “cheesarito,” which is melted cheese, onions, and sauce rolled up in a soft tortilla.
  • Give your nachos a kick- Take any nacho item to the next level by asking for Doritos instead of plain tortilla chips.
  • The easy way to go vegan- Order the vegetarian option and ask for it fresco style, which swaps the mayo-based sauces, cheese, sour cream and guac on menu items for fresh pico de gallo.
  • Press it- Give your taco or burrito an upgrade by sticking it in a panini press for maximum meltiness.
  • Make your money stretch further- Instead of ordering a MexiMelt, save a $1 by getting a beefy mini quesadilla and adding tons of pico sauce.
  • Turn any item vegetarian- Just sub potatoes for meat in any item, for free! You can also swap beans for any meat on the menu at no charge.
  • DIY Lava sauce- Make your own Lava sauce by mixing the nacho sauce with a few packets of Fire Sauce and you’re good to go.