MADONNA: Madonna Announces New Album“Madame X; Bizarre Teaser Video

Madonna has finally shared some info on her upcoming album. Over the weekend she teased the release with a post describing a mysterious “Madame X,” and then later released a video confirming that is the title of her record.

“I decided to call my record ‘Madame X,’” she shares. “Madame X is a secret agent. Traveling around the world. Changing identities. Fighting for freedom. Bringing light to dark places." She adds, "She is a dancer. A professor. A head of state. A housekeeper. An equestrian. A prisoner. A student. A mother. A child. A teacher. A nun. A singer. A saint. A whore. The spy in the house of love. I’m Madame X.”

The video also feature a snippet of a new song, although she shared no other info about the album. So far there’s no word on when “Madame X,” her 14th record, will be hitting stores.


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