New York Group Does Shot-For-Shot Remake Of Journey's“Separate Ways" Video

A New York group is paying homage to Journey in a pretty epic way. The disco group Escort just released a video for their song “Outta My Head,” and turned it into a shot-for-shot remake of the rockers’ 1983 video for “Separate Ways.”

The somewhat cheesy video had Journey performing on a dock, using air instruments, with the whole thing turning out to be a dream of a woman who was asleep and listening to the song on headphones.

It seems Escort was really serious when it came to the accuracy of the clip even using 3D view in Google Maps to “scout out the coastline for miles around us" to make sure the locatin matched, according to the video’s co-director Eugene Cho.

“It was definitely a labor of love that couldn’t have happened without lots of prep,” actress Bridget Barkan, who fills in for Steve Perry, shares. “I watched every shot and filmed myself doing it, then of course lit a candle and prayed to the altar of Steve Perry for his blessing of melodrama.”

Source:Rolling Stone

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