XFL: To Use One-, Two-, Three-Point Conversions

Now that the AAF is ex-NFL alternative, guess we’ll focus more on the XFL that is set to start about a year from now and seems to have no shortage of cash to pay the players after Vince McMahon jus tmade $272-million available to the league last week.

So they are working on some other wrinkles.

One of which XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck pointed out in an interview yesterday saying that touchdowns in the new league will result in the scoring team deciding whether to go for one point, two points, or—wait for it—three points.

You heard me... and there would be no kicking involved.

The one-point conversion would come not from a kick but from a scrimmage play at the two. Two points would be scored after a successful conversion from the five. And three points would be scored for a successful conversion from the 10.

Luck said that the league considered moving the three-point conversion to the 15, but that the coaches believed defenses would more easily defend the end zone with that much territory to cover.

Unlike the AAF, which eliminated the one-point play and made only a two-pointer available, a team scoring a touchdown in the XFL will emerge with 6, 7, 8, or 9 points.

Is it me or is the XFL just rubbing it in the face off the AAF that they have larger numbers available?

Source:NBC Sports

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