BENGALS: RB Shot By Police Taser; Arrested For Third Time This Year

Now I know why the Bengals released Adam “Pacman” Jones.

Because they apparently found a player that can get arrested more than him.

Meet 21-year-old Cincinnati Bengals running back Mark Walton who surrendered to North Miami-Dade police yesterday, marking thethird time Walton has been arrested this year.

This latest arrest—or you could call it the hat trick—stemmed from a high-speed car chase that occurred March 12. According to reports, police officers attempted to pull over Walton’s car because it was speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. Walton stopped the car and eventually ran from police. During the foot chase, an officer shot Walton in the back with a Taser, but Walton removed the electrified prongs and got away from police.

Officers searched the car and found 14 grams of marijuana and a 9 mm carbine rifle with several fully-loaded clips, police said.

Walton is now facing felony charges of carrying a concealed weapon, marijuana possession and reckless driving.

Wow—something says this Bengal is going to be wearing a different striped uniform in the upcoming months.

FYI: On Feb. 16, Walton was charged with misdemeanor battery for his involvement in a scuffle stemming from an argument with a neighbor. He was also arrested and charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession arrest in January.

Source:USA Today

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