AMAZON STUDIOS: Hits Back At Woody Allen Lawsuit

Woody Allen filed a $68-million lawsuit against Amazon Studios for backing out of a four-film deal for what he was calling “vague” and illegitimate reasons. Now, the studios has hit him back, filing to dismiss some of his claims.

According to newly-obtained court docs, the studio says their decision was “justified.” Why? As Amazon Studios sees it, Allen “sabotaged” his own success(and the success of his films)with “controversial comments” about the #MeToo movement, as well as the sexual misconduct allegations against him and Harvey Weinstein.

“Allen’s statements came out just as Amazon and Allen were preparing to promote Allen’s film ‘Wonder Wheel,’ effectively sabotaging those efforts,” the studio states in the docs. “Understood in the broader context, Allen’s actions and their consequences ensured that Amazon could never possibly receive the benefits of its four-picture agreement (despite already having paid Allen a $10-million advance upon signing.”

Source:Page Six

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