SURVEY: Reveals Biggest Secrets People Keep About Sex

In an ideal world, we’re comfortable enough with the person we’re sleeping with that we don’t feel like we have to keep big secrets from them, but this is not an ideal world. And it turns out, there are a lot of people being dishonest in the bedroom. An online survey from Superdrug, a drugstore in the U.K., asked 515 folks in the U.K. and 501 U.S. residents about their sex lives and found out the juicy details.

Most people surveyed claim they’re being honest about their sexual satisfaction with their partners, with 77.5% of women and 80.2% of men saying they tell the truth. And the majority (87%) say they want their partners to be honest with them about sexual topics as well, even if it hurts their feelings. But at the same time 84.5% of folks said they’d be upset if their partner admitted they weren’t satisfied in bed.

So what are the biggest things couples are keeping from each other about their sex lives? Not being totally honest about their sexual fantasies topped the list for both men (45%) and women (41%).

And these are the other sexual secrets people are keeping:

  • Sexual needs - women 35%, men 33.7%
  • Number of past sexual partners - women 20.3%, men 22.2%
  • Sexual fetishes - women 18.7%, men 31.9%
  • Satisfaction with the appearance of partner’s body - women 16.4%, men 20.6%
  • Favorite position - women 12.9%, men 12.9%


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