Harry & Meghan’s First Instagram Post Breaks Record

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are certainly making their mark as a newly independent household.We told you yesterday that they've made their Instagram debut as Sussex Royal. According to Guinness World Records, the account broke the record for the fastest one-million follower gain on the social media platform in just a few hours.

The account was launched on Tuesday, and reached one-million followers in under six hours. It’s tripled since then, at more than three-million by press time.

They’re keeping the train rolling, too, putting up their second-ever post. The post features a series of photos of Prince Harry’s visit to the YMCA England & Wales as part of his ongoing support for mental health causes.

  • ONE MORE THING! Fans are still trying to guess what Meghan and Harry will name their first child together. Diana has been the number one choice, after Harry’s late mother Princess Diana, if the baby is a girl. But now reports are saying that the frontrunner is Elizabeth, after the Queen herself.

Source:Guinness World Record

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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