MICK JAGGER: To Undergo Heart Surgery This Week

The Rolling Stones just postponed their U.S. tour so Mick Jagger could get “medical treatment” and, according to reports, that treatment will be on his heart.

The Drudge Report was the first to break the news that Mick will be having heart valve replacement surgery in New York this week. It seems Mick is getting a stent put in his heart, but should be fine.

“You can be back at work within weeks," a source tells the “New York Post.” “But it could be because the health checks are all set into the insurance for the tour, maybe they’re being careful” postponing the tour.

Sources insist Jagger is expected to make a full recovery, especially since he’s in “extraordinary physical condition.” Another insider notes, “This is not a serious thing” adding the band is already working on rescheduling their tour dates.

  • As for when those tour dates will start, sources tell Billboard the band is expected back on the road by July. Unfortunately, one show they won't be able to make up is their appearance at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, which was set for May 2nd.

Source:New York Post

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