See Steve Perry's First Music Video In 25 Years For "We're Still Here"

Former Journey front man Steve Perry has released a music video to go with his first album in 24 years, Traces.

The video for "We're Still Here" follows a series of live performance videos of Perry and his band playing through his new songs in the recording studio.

"We're Still Here" depicts Perry driving through Hollywood at night in a black '70 Chevelle singing the song, as the vignettes depicting youth, peace and compassion are cut into the visual.

Perry wrote the song with Canadian producer Brian West after visiting Hollywood for the first time in years. He says he was inspired by the "alive" feeling of the neighborhood and by seeing younger people enjoying themselves after hours, just like he used to do.

In 1994, Perry released a music video for his solo track, "Missing You." Journey released a video for "When You Love A Woman" in 1996 that featured Perry.

Perry has remained active on social media since returning with his new album.

While he has discussed the possibility of performing live again in interviews, Perry has yet to announce any live dates or say definitively that he wants to perform again in concert.

Thumbnail: YouTube / StevePerryVEVO

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