YOUTUBE: The“15 Darkest Moments in YouTube History”

YouTube has offered a wealth of entertainment options since its birth in 2005. Stars have been made, of course – but there’s a downside to that level of glory.

E! Online dug through all of it and found they’ve dubbed the “15 Darkest Moments in You Tube History”:

  • Shane Dawson –A joke about “sex with his cat” took on an evil life of its own…and then there were the untrue accusations of “pedophilia.”
  • Olivia Jade –Now at the center of the growing college entrance scandal, old vids came back to bite her – and she lost just about every endorsement deal within 24 hours.
  • Austin Jones –His acapella versions of songs gained him fans, some of which were underage…and he has been arrested for seeking “inappropriate” pics of them.
  • Logan Paul –The “Japanese Suicide Forest” stunt wasn’t enough. The “Go gay for just one month” bit got him hated by the GLAAD gang, too.
  • Marina Joyce –Her followers noticed a “change” in her online personality and became convinced she’d been kidnapped or was being held against her will. Even when show things were ok, some still didn’t buy it.
  • Monalisa Perez –Her and her boyfriend thought a book would stop a bullet.It didn’t.
  • Michael & Heather Martin –These dopes filmed the reactions of their kids after mean pranks and other forms of abuse. Their kids crying made them laugh – losing custody of two of their kids surely didn’t.
  • Sam Pepper –Got into hot water by pretending to shoot a friend while another friend who wasn’t in on it watched in horror.Good times.
  • Trevor Martin & Tom Cassell –Were seen playing and betting on the game “Counter Strike: Global Offensive.” Then, it was revealed the pairownedthe gambling website they were using and promoting.
  • Kian Lawley –Just one video of you spewing a racist rant can ruin a promising acting career.
  • Sam & Nia Rader –They came to fame with a clip of them singing a duet – and then posting about their lives as a Christian family. Then came a weird pregnancy announcement –he told hershe was preggers after using some pee “she left in the toilet.” Then came a “sudden miscarriage” and revelations that Sam an Ashley Madison account.
  • Nicole Arbour –Her “Dear Fat People” rant didn’t go over so well with the anti-bullying crowd, but she’s still 400,000 followers strong.
  • PewDiePie –Showing his 90-million followers a stunt where he had two guys holding up a sign reading “Death To All Jews” didn’t work out so well… didn’t find the whimsy in being anti-Semitic.
  • Jake Paul –Brother of Logan, and successful YouTuber in his own right, he made his personal address public. Neighbors were ticked, threatened legal action and he got booted from Disney. Then, there was the clip of him rapping the “n-word.”
  • LonelyGirl15 –Back in the beginning…when everyone believed everything on the Internet…people were shocked to find out that ‘Bree’ wasn’t really a teenager just living her boring life. In reality, she was actress Jessica Rose…and the whole thing was the setup for a series.

Source:E! Online

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