KIM KARDASHIAN: Mommy-Shamed for Letting North Wear Lipstick at Church

Mommy-shamers aren't happy with Kim Kardashian.

The reality star posted a video of daughter North dancing at a church service on Sunday -- and Twitter flipped over the fact that the five-year-old was wearing lipstick.

Here's what some of the irate internet users are saying:

  • "Seeing North with lipstick on and dancing at this 'church service' makes my blood boil."
  • "The fact that Kim lets North wear lipstick out like she’s 21 is insane. I’m surprised Kanye allows it !!!!!!"
  • "North is so beautiful. Too bad she’s already wearing makeup."
  • "I don’t understand how Kim Kardashian allows North to wear makeup. I remember being 13 and trying to wear red lipstick and my mom said 'where do you think you’re going?' I replied 'outside.' She said, 'no, the grave if you think you’re walking outside with makeup on.'"

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