TROUBLE IN THE WHO: Daltry Not Feeling The Love For Pete Townshend

Roger Daltrey recently discussed his bandmate Pete Townshend and "The Who" at the International Live Music Conference and not thinking that Pete is feeling the love. 

When he was asked about making new music with the band he said, “Since John Entwistle and Keith Moondied we’re not a band in that sense. But equally, we can make music and as long as I can put a vocal on that has elevated a song from, ‘There was a Pete Townshend song,’ to, ‘There is a Who song, I’m happy.'”

Roger was also asked about why he and Pete don't share a studio when recording and he said, “He don't like the look of me. I don’t like the look of him.” 

A follow-up question was asked about Pete Townsend being considered a genius and he replied, “People throw the word genius around pretty easily, but when it comes to music and songwriting you have to say that, Townshend, in rock music and popular music, is probably one of the most important composers of the 20th century. In that sense, his music does contain genius.”

Source: Alternative Nation

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