BORING: This Pittsburgh Suburb Was Named "The Most Boring Town in PA"

Who doesn't like Rodos Greek Cafe, in White Oak? And what about Fellinis Pizzeria? If you like great authentic food, White Oak is great place to go.'s not the Vegas Strip...but the "Most Boring Town in Pennsylvania"...C'mon, really? Well, according to the "Best Life" section of the website of town of White Oak was named "The Most Boring Town" in the Commonwealth.

What do they base this on?

Well, according to them, they are "drawing on data from the U.S. Census and American Community Survey, we examined which places in each state have the highest median ages, the fewest number of things to do, and the lowest population density—making it a decent chance you’ll have trouble finding tons and tons of fun."

I guess their data doesn't say that Kennywood is just 10 minutes way. Beside, I'm guessing they've never been to any town in Beaver County. (eye roll)

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

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