TRACY CHAPMAN: Did Nicki Minaj Rip Off Tracy's Song? Listen for Yourself

FROM OCT, 2018: Tracy Chapman is suing Nicki Minaj over her song “Sorry,” which used a sample of Chapman’s track “"Baby Can I Hold You.”

The song was supposed to appear on Nicki’s album “Queen,” but was pulled after Chapman refused to give her permission to sample the track. But this past August the song was still played on several radio stations, and was then picked up by folks on the Internet. Despite Nicki’s attempts to make her song disappear, but by then it was too late. 

Tracy says Nicki’s track uses half of the lyrics and vocal melody of her song, and she is suing for copyright infringement. She is seeking damages and profits from the song.


Well, now Nicki has filed her formal response to the suit, denying copyright infringement, and also arguing her use of the “Sorry” sample is protected by the doctrine of fair use. Nicki’s lawyers also claim Chapman “is not the owner of the copyright in issue,” so she has no right to bring a claim against her, and isn’t entitled to any damages.

Tracy’s suit notes that Nicki did request to use the song but was turned down, which is why the song was pulled from Nicki’s album “Queen,” although it eventually leaked on several radio stations and online. In her response, Nicki does admit that she made those requests, and that she recorded the song before permission was granted.


Here's Tracy's "Baby Can I Hold You"

And...Here's Nicki's "Sorry"

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