ROBERT KRAFT: Roger Goodell Talks About Patriot's Owner's Ethical Issues

Okay now that we got all of that irresistible, low hanging Robert Kraft fruit out of the way yesterday—in reporting that he was indeed charged with solicitation—we will get to some more serious matters that Kraft will be facing.

One of course is Roger Goodell and the NFL who also issued a statement in wake of his charges and they will come as no surprise as they basically cut and pasted“NFL player”with “Robert Kraft” and both “domestic” and “violence” with the words“washy,”saying:

“Our Personal Conduct Policy applies equally to everyone in the NFL. We will handle this allegation in the same way we would handle any issue under the Policy.”

And if you are wondering about something a little higher than Goodell to answer to—like human ethics—Kraft may be getting a pass on that too.

Yeah, turns out the arrest stemmed from an investigation into sex trafficking at a massage parlor in Florida, but the New England Patriots owner seems to have a good chance of distancing himself from that aspect of the case.

Because while many women who worked at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter are believed to be victims of sex trafficking,the two women who engaged in sexual activity with Kraft do not appear to have been.

Makes sense, I can’t imagine the ones who are being trafficked would even be allowed to have a cell phone.

Even if they haven’t learned English yet, pretty sure they can text 9-1-1.

Source:Larry Brown Sports

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