BRADLEY COOPER'S: Ex Chimes In On *That* Oscar Moment

Yesterday, we told you how the Oscars performance by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper that has everyone speculating about what's really going on between them. And it's not just theTwitterverse and Mel B talking about their scorching the actor’s ex,Jennifer Esposito, has chimed in. Well, sort of.

It all began with an Instagram post from David Spade. He posted a pic of the performance with the caption,“Is there any chance these 2 aren’t f***ing?” (we censored, he didn't). Among those commenting? Esposito, who offered a simple, “ha.” Not the lengthiest statement, but given the history she has - and what she's said about it? Let's just say it seems 'pointed,' for sure.

To recap, Cooper and Esposito were married in 2006, splitting in 2007 after just four months of wedded bliss. Between interviews and what she's had to say about Cooper in her 2014 memoir, “Jennifer’s Way," where she called him a “master manipulator” and says his “personality could flip on a dime.”)'s clear she could have said nothing...but did anyway. 

Either way...Esposito is saying she didn't mean anything at all. "So confused. I get off a flight to see a comment I made of “HA” to a joke from @DavidSpade has gone wild!?," she offers via Twitter. "Has everyone gone mad? Somehow I’m insulting an X by laughing at a joke someone else made? Pls take your insanity elsewhere."

Source:David Spade

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