STEELERS: 28 Teams No Interest In Antonio Brown, So Three Have?

Steelers GM Kevin Colbert pointed out on Friday that three teams have reached out to express interest in a trade for wide receiver Antonio Brown.

And that kind of supports everything we have been saying about how the only thing that may be putting teams off more than his contract—are his antics.

Because that means 28 teams have not reached out regarding a guy that has 576 catches over the last five seasons,which is by far the most of any wide receiver in the NFL.

Yup, it all but verifies that teams think Brown is a problem in the locker room. It says that teams think Brown, who will turn 31 in July, isn’t going to be the same kind of player in his 30’s he was in his 20’s. It says that teams think Brown isn’t worth the $12.625-million base salary and $2.5-million roster bonus they’d have to pay if they traded for him.

Trades can’t become official until March 13, so there’s still time. And the Steelers could, if they’re willing to pay Brown his $2.5-million roster bonus, keep him around all off season and trade him closer to the start of the season. Maybe some team will still decide to make a big offer. But it’s telling that 28 teams haven’t made any offer at all. Last year, the trade that sent Alex Smith from Kansas City to Washington was agreed to and publicly reported on January 30. When a team really wants a player who’s available in the trade market, that team will move quickly to get him. Teams aren’t moving quickly for Brown.

Source:NBC Sports

Photo courtesy of Getty Images


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