MICHAEL JACKSON'S: Former Maid To Share What She Saw In New Interview

Adrian McManus, who was hired as a maid in 1990 and was soon trusted with cleaning his bedroom, gave an exclusive interview to Australia’s “60 Minutes,” wich airs Sunday, and in a preview she claims she witnessed Jackson’s inappropriate behavior with young boys.

“There was a kind side to him, and yet there was a dark side,” McManus says, sharing that she would see Jackson “pet and kiss” young boys who visited his house.

As for why she never came forward before, she says, “I was scared to say anything bad about Mr Jackson,” adding, “They told me if I ever came up on TV that they could hire a hitman to take me out, slice my neck, wouldn’t never find my body.” 

This isn’t the first time McManus has talked though. She previously gave an interview to The Mail in which she said she would have to remove children’s underwear from Jackson’s Jacuzzi, and that she would see young kids walking around the house naked. She also said she would see Jackson holding hands and kissing boys, and once found video which she believes contained “intimate” footage the star filmed with children in the 1990s.

Source:9 News Australia



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