ANTONIO BROWN: Gives Himself A New Conceded Nickname

Antonio Brown and the Steelers agreed that it was best they go their separate ways yesterday and it seems Brown has decided to go a little crazy.

How else do you explain his taking to—of all things—social media to recruit new teams when all the info they need on him can be seen in the past few years of highlights on the field and past few weeks of lowlights that have been his dealing with the Steelers since late in the season and into this offseason.

Nevertheless, Brown posted a nearly 10-minute Instagram live video on Monday night urging contending teams with “guaranteed money” to get in touch with him.

”If your team got guaranteed money, they want to get to know me and work with me, tell them to call me,” said Brown.

And then—as if to foolishly remind any teams that had high school students working in their front office actually watching—he is still bit of a headache for anyone that would sign him.

I mean why else would you add in the video that he now wants to be known as “Mr. Big Chest” rather than “A.B.”?

Of course, contacting Brown without permission would be considered tampering—as the star receiver is still under contract with the Steelers. Teams that are interested in him would, technically, have to contact Pittsburgh directly.

While there is no denying Brown’s talent and ability to produce, he appears to be hurting his own trade value more and more every day just by opening his mouth or—even worse—opening his phone to make more remarks on social media.

So you have to wonder what teams will be willing to shell out around $17-million a year, especially to a consistent producer on the field who is suddenly being overshadowed by his erratic and petulant behavior off of it.

Source:Larry Brown Sports



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