FOX NEWS' HEGSETH: I Haven't Washed My Hands In 10 Years

If you’re thinking about shaking Pete Hegseth’s hand, you might want to reconsider. That’s because the Fox News host admitted that he’s guy around. 

In case you missed it, on Sunday’s edition of “Fox & Friends,” Pete said, “I don’t think I’ve washed my hands in ten years.” His reasoning was that he doesn’t believe in germs. “Germs are not a real thing,” he explained. “I can’t see them; therefore, they’re not real.” 

Even though Hegseth later said that he was joking , the man that Donald Trump considered to run Veteran Affairs has since been slapped on Twitter. One person said , “I work in healthcare and people literally die if we don’t wash our hands and clean hospitals correctly. This guy is not bright.” Another one said , “Who is going to tell him that embryos are invisible to the naked eye, too?”

Source: Page Six

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