CARDI B: Thought Tom Petty Sent Her Flowers After The GRAMMYs

The Grammys were Sunday Night.

Cardi B…who is the new “IT GIRL” in pop-music and she also won the Rap Album of the Year GRAMMY…so congratulations….

However, I must say…the “B” in Cardi B…doesn’t stand for BRIGHT ! After winning the Grammy…Apparently someone congratulated her with flowers, but she was a little confused about who sent them to her. Cardi took to her Instagram story to show off the flowers, which had a card with the quote, “You’ve got a heart so big it could crush this town,” which is a lyric from Tom Petty’s song “Walls,”

Well…it seems that Cardi thought it was the late Petty, himself, who sent the flowers...(EYE ROLL)


Fans certainly found Cardi’s mistake amusing. “Mood is Cardi thanking Tom Petty for flowers when it was just a quote by him on a piece of paper…love her,” one person shared, while another added, “I AM SCREAMING AT CARDI THANKING TOM PETTY FOR FLOWERS WHEN TOM PETTY IS DEAD.” 

Check out some of the reactions below:



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