People Who Like Spicy Food, Lead Spicier Lives

While some people just can’t deal with spicy food, for some there’s no such thing as too spicy, and a new survey finds that those who love their food hot, may also be living a spicier life.

A poll by sauce brand El Yucateco attempted to find a correlation between taste buds and lifestyles, and it seems those who like their food hot tend to be more adventurous, and that goes for the bedroom too. In fact, spicy food lovers have almost twice as much sex as those with milder palates, 5.3 times per month, as opposed to 3.2 times.

And that adventure doesn’t limit itself to the bedroom. Those who like things spicy are 45% more likely to have traveled out of the country than those with milder palates, plus they're six times more likely to have tried bungee jumping, and are also more likely to have gone skydiving, scuba diving or enjoyed a rafting trip.

  • The survey also finds that those who like spicy food are happier, more sociable and extroverted. They are also more likely to have hobbies like working out and camping, and tend to like jazz and rock music, as well as horror, thriller and action movies.
  • On the flipside, those who like their food mild tend to be shy, humble and anxious, they enjoy reading and watching TV, listen to country music and prefer their movies to be dramas, rom-coms and romance.

Source: SWNS Digital