SPOILER ALERT: Another Pittsburgher Revealed on "The Masked Singer"

Last night was another installment of Fox’s new hit celebrity competition show, “The Masked Singer.” Once again, it was up to the audience and panel of all-star judges – Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong,Nicole Scherzinger and guest judge Joel McHale – to guess the true identities of the celebs in disguise.

This time, we got to see new performances from some of the remaining 10 stars, the Peacock, Monster, Unicorn, Deer and Lion. The elimination was shocking – but it seems like the judges are getting a hang of guessing who’s behind the masks. Here are the highlights.

  • The Lion sang first, reminding fans that she’s got serious pipes with her rendition of “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone. She gave us some more clues, too. While last time she sparked speculation that she was in a girl group, this time she hinted that she might be involved in political activism by saying she wants to be a “frontrunner” and has always used her “voice to help others.” The judges were dropping names like Kelly Rowland, Hailey Baldwin and Emily Blunt. Clue Review: Female, “Hollywood royalty,” has “lots of women” in her pride, can sing, doesn’t have anything gold or platinum on her wall (so probably isn’t a recording artist).
  • The Deer was up next, which didn’t put him in a good spot since he lost to the Lion last time. He served a solid rendition of “Get Your Shine On” by Florida Georgia Line. Since he hinted that he wasn’t at the “top of his game,” and that he had multiple world titles, the judges were guessing that he could be an older athlete with a good voice. Nicole, Robin and Joel agreed that the man behind the mask could be Terry Bradshaw. Clue Review: Male, over 6 feet tall, involved in sports with a team represented by horses, competitive, possibly older.
  • The Peacock hit the stage next, singing “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic. The judges had a feeling that he wasn’t a professional singer, per se, but Nicole noted that he seems like a seasoned performer. They were throwing around names like Neil Patrick Harris, David Copperfield and Criss Angel, since they keep coming back to the idea that he’s a magician. That’s when the Peacock revealed that he has “performed in Las Vegas,” leading Robin to guess Tom Jones. Clue Review: Male, good performer, has performed in Vegas, started performing at a young age (possibly five years old) but was later cast in dramatic roles, was close with Michael Jackson, can sing, has a fear of heights.
  • The Unicorn was up next, and totally went for it for her performance of “Oops… I Did It Again” by Britney Spears. She doesn’t have the strongest voice, but was definitely doing her best as she hinted she “came here to conquer my fear of singing and of being judged.” Nicole thought she could be Denise Richards since she had said she “lost her sheen” (as in, Charlie Sheen?). But after she kept mentioning “flying” and “going for gold,” the judges were thinking the woman behind the mask could be a gymnast, like Gabby Douglas, Mary Lou Retton or McKayla Maroney, but then Unicorn seemed to debunk that idea by saying she’s a gymnast “in the bedroom.” Clue Review: Female, shy, not a singer, could be a gymnast or something else related to “flying,” has lost her “sheen.”
  • Finally, the Monster hit the stage next, belting out an impressive version of Gavin DeGraw’s “I Don’t Want To Be.” We got some more hints that he could be from the south but is now based in New York, and he proved that he has some nice pipes with a killer falsetto note that shocked everyone. Nicole was torn between the Monster being a comedian and a singer, thinking it could be Kevin Hart. Robin guessed Nelly, but after the Monster teased that he likes to keep his “head in the game,” he changed his mind to Derek Jeter. Clue Review: Male, the world has labeled him a monster and now he’s making a comeback, not a professional singer “to everyone” but can seriously sing, possibly based in New York, may be involved in sports or comedy.

In the end, the one voted off for the unmasking was the Deer, and the judges threw in some of their last guesses before the big reveal. Just like Nicole, Robin and Joel thought, the Monster was revealed to be… Terry Bradshaw!

That still leaves nine more disguised celebs to uncover – behind the masks of the Rabbit, Alien, Raven, Poodle, Bee, Lion, Monster, Unicorn, and Peacock. Who do you think they are?

Source: FOX

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