MANNY MACHADO: Are the Pirates the "Mystery Team" Pursuing Free Agent

As the Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago White Sox await a decision from star free agent Manny Machado, the 26-year-old All-Star infielder may have a mystery team after him as well.

According to Jon Heyman of Fancred, Machado’s camp has indicated there is a mystery team involved in discussions for landing the prized free agent beyond the heavily rumored Phillies and White Sox.

Could the "Mystery Team" be our very own Pittsburgh Pirates?

Adam Bittner from the Post-Gazette say, "Maybe..." Click HERE.

Funny how this story popped right after it became apparent he wasn’t going to get the 300-plus million bucks he was looking for when the Yankees dropped out of the bidding.

Yeah—the Bronx team dropped a bomb on Machado when they signed infielder DJ LeMahieu to a 2-year, $24-million-dollar deal over the weekend. And when you couple that with the signing of Troy Tulowitzki on the first of the year the Yankees didn’t get two guys for the price of one.

They got two guys for the price of one-tenth of Machado.