RELATIONSHIPS: Crazy Things Couples Do When They Are Angry

Few relationships are always perfect and there are definitely moments you’re bound to get angry at your S.O. over something they did. While some people will confront their boo over whatever it is that angered them, others have found devious ways to get back at them and now some folks are sharing.

A new thread on the anonymous Whisper App has folks revealing the dumb, and sometimes underhanded, things they do their partner when they are angry and it’s a wonder these folks are still together.

They include:

  • “When my BF makes me mad I dip his tooth brush in the toilet. He has never found out.”
  • “I’m lactose intolerant and when my boyfriend makes me mad I purposefully consume large amounts of dairy so I stink and he leaves me alone.”
  • “When my girlfriend pisses me off I wait until she’s asleep and slap her in the face and act like I’m moving in my sleep.”
  • “When my boyfriend makes me mad I watch ‘Game of Thrones’ without him. Then when he gets home the TV is playing a season ahead and I just refused to explain anything. Juvenile, but satisfying.”
  • “Sometimes when my boyfriend pisses me off I turn him on right before bed, then I roll over and go to sleep.”
  • “When my girlfriend makes me mad I tighten every jar in the kitchen and refuse to help.”
  • “When my bf pisses me off I wear my spandex yoga pants just so other guys stare and get him jealous.”
  • “When my girlfriend pisses me off I spit in her socks that are in her dresser.”
  • “When my boyfriend makes me angry I take one of his socks. He thinks the cat has been stealing them. This has been happening for over a year.”

Source: Whisper