NFL: Explains Why TMZ Has Access To Videos The League Doesn’t

Wow you’d think Roger Goodell and the NFL would have enough money to buy what ever they want—and they do.

But there are some things money just can’t buy—and for the NFL that would be video tape evidence of crimes committed by its players.

And while it sounds like a joke, it actually makes complete sense when explained by the commissioner who (after again coming under fire for its inability to track down video evidence of a player getting physical as in the case of Kareem Hunt finally explained exactly why TMZ keeps coming up with the video evidence they cannot.

Because TMZ is willing—and unlike the NFL—able to pay top dollar for it.

Todd Jones, an NFL executive involved in off-field discipline, described the league’s investigative powers as “limited,” saying that league officials do indeed act as swiftly as possible when they are able to obtain evidence like the video in the Kareem Hunt incident, but that evidence is not always readily available.

“There is information we can’t get when we need it. But when we get it, we act on it,” Jones says.

But they won’t pay for it.

They wouldn’t pay for the video of Ray Rice punching his now-wife Janay in an elevator any more than they would pay for the footage of Hunt kicking and shoving a woman earlier this year…without the NFL ever having seen it.

And sure, TMZ does have the option of paying for the evidence, whereas the NFL doesn’t because—as Jones points out—it would open a “Pandora’s box” of issues.

Makes sense could you imagine if the Chiefs team bought the video and hid it from the league and then it leaked out.

Trust me the fact they can’t but these vids saves the integrity of the league—even in the midst of these classless acts.

Source: Larry Brown Sports

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