HEINZ: Favoring Another QB, Other Than Big Ben???

Despite the Steelers playing at Heinz Field...is Heinz Co. favoring another NFL QB other than Big Ben?

Well sort of....

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is on a record setting pace this season—already having thrown 31 TD this far into the season.

And I know what you’re saying, if he could break Peyton Manning’s record of 55 in a season set back in 2013 that would be the cherry on top of it all.

Actually, you’re close, it would actually be the ketchup on top of well, everything.

That’s because if he beats the record by two or more, giving him the magical 57—as in Heinz 57—the condiment company offered him free ketchup for life if he were to hit that mark.

“I’m not opposed to it and I get ketchup for life,” Mahomes says. “I’ll be sure to share it with some of the offensive linemen. … I don’t think it’s that weird, but I put it on my macaroni and cheese. People seem to think that’s a weird thing, some people think that’s disgusting, but it’s good to me.”

Turns out that isn’t all as it was recently revealed that Mahomes is a ketchup fanatic who even puts it on his steak.

I'm not opposed to Mahomes getting some ketchup...I'm just opposed to the Chiefs "catch'in up" to the Black n Gold, know what I mean?

Source: NBC Sports



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