FIGHTING TEACHER: More Than $111,000 Raised in GoFundMe Drive

That music teacher in Southern California who was caught on video and arrested on Friday for fighting with a student is getting a lot of support – at least $111,000 worth.

As of Tuesday afternoon, a GoFundMe account in support of 64-year-old Marston Riley had more than doubled its initial goal for $50,000. A note on the GoFundMe page states, "We all may have mixed feelings about what happened. But please do know that this is not the first time that Mr. Riley is attacked; physically or verbally. He is a great person and a great teacher."

In the video, a student who was asked to leave the classroom due to a dress code violation is seen calling Riley racial slurs and throwing a basketball at him, before Riley retaliates.

In a short video posted on the GoFundMe page, Riley says, "I want to thank you for supporting me. You are a blessing." 

Source: (USA Today)

WARNING:  Content may not be appropriate for some. 



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