LE'VEON BELL: Leaves Miami; Next Stop, Pittsburgh?

Let’s face it, at this point the only uniform that NFL running back Le'Veon Bell should be wearing is the red and white striped shirt and hat made famous by that Waldo character—because nobody seems to be able to find the guy.

At last report I can tell you where he wasn’t—Miami.

Because that is exactly what he tweeted yesterday afternoon—a two word tweet that said “Fairwell Miami”—which, incidentally he misspelled F-A-I-R-well, rather than “fare well,” which is what the Steelers have been doing in his absence—winning their last five games with his replacement James Connerwho has totaled over 1,000-yards, scored ten TD’s already and has all but proven Bell need not rush back.

In fact, maybe his next social media post should be on Linkedin because his old position has been filled.

Maybe Bell will tweet from the Sports bar where he’s watching the game.

My thoughts....

  • Due to earn $855,000 per game, the Steelers have the right to place Bell on roster-exempt status for two weeks—and in turn to pay him less than his franchise tender. with the Steelers playing on Thursday night against the Panthers, the team surely won’t be inclined to pay him $855,000 in return for nothing. Which means that if Bell (who already may know that the Steelers intend to pay him much less than $855K per week for the first 2 weeks) is returning, he knows the terms that the team is offering—and he’s prepared to accept them.

Source: NBC Sports



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