WEIRD AL: Announces New Tour, Featuring Symphony Orchestra

Weird Al Yanokvic is hitting the road again next year, but this time he’ll be bringing an orchestra with him.

The parody king announced on social media he’ll be announcing dates for his “Strings Attached Tour” on November 12th. The tour will feature his longtime backing band, along with backup singers Lisa Popeil, Monique Donnelly and Scottie Haskell, and a local symphony orchestra from each city.

“No, we’re not cramming an orchestra on our bus – it’ll be a different orchestra in every city,” he shares. “Sometimes it will be a ‘branded’ local orchestra (like, say, the Colorado Symphony), and other times we’ll basically just be putting together our own orchestra with local musicians.”

He adds, “And yes, we’re back to PLAYING THE HITS…but we’ll also throw in a few deeps cuts too (including a couple songs that we’ve never played before – not even on the ‘Ill-Advised Vanity Tour!’)”



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