GUINNESS: Former Jaguars QB Brunell Has Record Throw… Of A Hot Dog

Great news Jaguars fans, you have a great QB in London this weekend for your game against the defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles.

Unfortunately he hasn’t played for you guys in over a decade.

Yeah, I “ain’t” talking about Blake Bortles—who is an absolute coin flip at beats each week—but former Jags star Mark Brunell.

Still it’s a shame he can’t play because, unlike Bortles, Brunell is still setting records with his arm.

This weekend Brunell flew across the pond for the teams upcoming NFL London game where he was a guest of Fire & Smoke—a cooked meat brand specializing in fare from the Deep South—where he made history with when he completed the longest pass in history—of a hot dog.

Well, not just any hot dog, a Fire & Smoke hot dog, where he completed this pass directly into the awaiting bun—traveling a record 20.96 meters.

And yes, I’ll say it, he got put a lot of mustard on that throw.

Damn, now I lost my appetite.

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Source: London Post



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