LE'VEON BELL: Does Not Report To Steelers At Start Of Bye Week

The Le’Veon Bell saga has taken yet another turn.

And not for the better, after Bell was expected to report to the Steelers’ facility during their bye week—which would have been yesterday.

Thing is, when the team reported to its headquarters there was no sign of Bell.

Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if he pops up later in the week as the he only needs to show up Thursday or even Friday and the Steelers would still be required to pay him his Week 7 check.

Yeah, he wouldn’t miss a paycheck—just a practice or two.

  • Bell only has to sign his franchise tender and report to work by Week 10 to avoid having his contract toll, so technically he does not need to return during the bye week. However, he could collect his game check for Week 7 without actually playing in a game if he shows up this week.

Source: Sporting News



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