HEART: Could An Ann & Nancy Wilson Reunion Be Possible?

As we previously told you, Heart has been on a hiatus since 2016, after Ann and Nancy Wilson had a falling out after Ann’s husband, Dean Witter, was arrested for striking one of Nancy’s twin sons while they were on tour. But it seems the two sisters’ relationship may be improving, opening up the possibility of a reunion.

“I’ve gotta say, it's looking really good for a Heart reunion tour,” Nancy shares on the "Let There Be Talk" podcast. “There's a big offer up there on the table. Me and Ann are talking, so we'll keep talking.”

As for what broke the ice between the pair, Nancy reveals, “I've been sort of [trying] for a while, but she was kind of busy and, I think, scared to talk,” adding, “And I kind of said, 'I'm not ever gonna confront you about anything, but there is this huge offer on the table, so we should talk – just the two of us.' So we're in that process right now. It's kind of exciting.”

As for the drama, Nancy says, “it was just one of those things that takes time to get past. So, a couple of years have gone by.” She offers, “It's not anything that Ann ever did wrong, or I ever did wrong, but it's just one of those family dramas that just happened.”

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock



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