Le'VEON: ‘Still Holding Out Hope’ For Long-Term Deal With Steelers

On Monday, Le’Veon Bell said he would return to the Steelers in Week 7, which is kind of a slap in the face considering it is a bye week and really, he is only returning that week to get a free paycheck.

And yesterday he showed that despite the layoff, he is as muscular as ever—and the biggest muscle is in his head.

Because despite his behavior, he now says he would like to remain with the Steelers long term.

Bell told ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler...“I could be naïve or hopeful, but at the end of the day I feel like that’s what’s going to happen,” Bell says. “I don’t think they really want me gone. That could be me being prideful. But I’m still holding out hope.”

Bell insisted in his interview with Fowler that he could play “tomorrow,” adding he’s “fully committed” to giving it his all upon his return.

Yeah, if he thinks the Steelers organization would want him back after what he is still putting them through, he should be totally committed.



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