NFL: Crucial Flag in Steeler/Browns Game Deemed Incorrect

Turns out the NFL’s senior vice president for officiating is now admitting that defensive end Myles Garrett shouldn’t have been called for roughing the passer in the second quarter of the game.

Garrett wrapped up Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for a third-down incompletion and was called for a personal foul. On the next play, Steelers running back James Conner ran in for a touchdown and a 6-0 Steelers lead.

Al Riveron, the NFL’s senior vice president of officiating, says the official erred in calling the penalty on Garrett. The defensive end was flagged for a violation of the rule that prohibits a player from landing on the quarterback with most or all of his body weight.

“The rule specifically says ‘most, if not all, of your body weight,’” Riveron admitted.

“Well, they have to not put the weight on the quarterback. And this one yesterday showed, even though there is some body weight on Ben, this is not what we would consider contact that rises to the level of a foul.”

For what it’s worth, Riveron said that four other penalties for players landing on quarterbacks—on Atlanta’s Grady Jarrett, Cincinnati’s Carlos Dunlap, Minnesota’s Sheldon Richardson and New Orleans’ David Onyemata—were correct.



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