KEVIN SMITH: Shows Off HUGE Weight Loss

Kevin Smith started 2018 with a near-fatal heart attack. Now, he’s revealed he has more to celebrate – an impressive 51-pound weight loss. Smith posted a picture on Instagram of himself looking thinner than ever at 205 pounds (down from 256 for those counting). In the caption he shares that after his heart attack the doctor suggested he lose 50 pounds for his health – fast forward six months, he’s now already ahead of that goal.

He attributes his accomplishment to a number of factors - including Weight Watchers, who he is an ambassador for, his daughter Harley Quinn Smith for turning him on to veganism, and magician Penn Jillette for his book “Presto!: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear.”

But more than ALL that? Smith thanks his fans for keeping him going all this time with their words of encouragement. “Never underestimate the power of positive feedback,” he writes. “You folks telling me I looked better and healthier helped me stick with it.”



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