DAYCARE: Says To Dress Baby More “Girly”, Parents Response Is EPIC

As parents, we’re prepared for childcare workers at our kid’s nursery school to make sure we remember to bring diapers, extra clothes, and maybe a sippy cup. But we don’t really expect them to give us advice about dressing our little one in more gender-stereotypical outfits. So when it happened to these parents of a baby girl, they had the best response.

Steve Rold recently posted on Reddit about the experience he and his wife, Jessica, had with their daughter’s daycare. They were surprised when baby Clementine’s school suggested they should consider dressing their little girl in dresses or putting bows in her hair - so other kids understand she’s female. And their response? Sticking a Post-it note with a drawing of a bow on their baby girl’s head.

“How my wife dressed our daughter the day after the teachers at daycare told her we should really be dressing her more like a girl,” Steve wrote along with a picture of his daughter sporting her “bow” while dressed head to toe in blue.

And while the parents had some fun with it, they realize the school staffers were probably just trying to be helpful. He says his wife “was just trying to expose the humor inherent in the situation.” He stresses that it’s an “absolutely amazing daycare” with a focus on early education and outdoor play and that they feel extremely lucky to have their kid there, which is what really matters anyway.

Source: Yahoo



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