PEN EXPLODES: In Bride’s Blonde Hair Days Before Wedding

When you’re planning a wedding, so many things can go wrong, especially the closer it gets to the big day. And some issues are out of a bride’s control, like the weather…but plenty are preventable. Take the case of a Canadian woman who experienced a worst nightmare scenario when a pen exploded in her platinum blonde hair just days before her nuptials.

Daphne Martin was working at Costco and had twisted her super light strands up and secured it with an ink pen. Unfortunately, that pen leaked ink and left a big blue stain in the back of the bride-to-be’s hair. Her colorist, Kelly O’Leary-Woodford shared a photo of the disaster on social media, asking, “What number is this on your ‘worst ever’ scale?!”

But Martin has gone to cosmetology school herself so she took matters into her own hands to fix the hair emergency. She washed it, dried it, then applied bleach to get that blue ink stain out. “Surprisingly enough, five minutes of bleach got that out of my extremely light hair,” she shares. “My hair was back to normal that day - even an hour later, thank goodness.”

So let this be a lesson to us all: no pens as hair accessories. Especially not before a big event.

Source: New York Post



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