TOTO: Releasing Cover of Weezer’s “Hash Pipe”

We told you before about Weezer appeasing eager fans by covering Toto’s hit “Africa” and then releasing it on limited edition vinylWell, now Toto is returning the favor, revealing their plans to release a cover of Weezer’s “Hash Pipe.”

After being challenged on the air by two Los Angeles radio DJs, Ted Stryker and Kevin Klein, to cover Weezer as a callback to the “Africa” cover, Toto says that they’ve actually already been working on it. Toto’s Steven Porcaro says they considered doing the song “Beverly Hills,” but ended up picking “Hash Pipe” because it has a “better melody” and a good message. “We wanted to do our thing to it, but still pay respect to it,” Porcaro says. “We wish we could be in the room when they hear it.”

The band also showed some major love for Weezer and the “Africa” cover, saying that they thought Rivers Cuomo and the gang were going to make fun of them rather than crank out a killer cover. “Let’s face it: They kicked a** on it,” Lukather notes. Toto’s cover of “Hash Pipe” is set for release on August 10th.

Source: Consequence of Sound



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