ROY ORBISON: Did Dieting Cause Roy Orbison’s Death?

Roy Orbison passed away in 1988, and now a new TV documentary is claiming to know why. While the official cause of death was a heart attack, a pathologist named Dr. Michael Hunter believes it was caused by the singer’s addiction to yo-yo dieting.

Oribson reportedly was guilty of binge eating sessions when he was off stage. Orbison had triple bypass surgery ten years before his death, but reportedly went right back to binging, then starving himself diet routine. 

“This cycle of substantial weight gain followed by drastic weight loss would have undoubtedly placed tremendous strain on his heart,” Dr. Hunter revealed in a recent episode of “Autopsy: The Last Hours of.” Hunter came to his conclusions by looking at the legend’s medical records, and interviewing friends and colleagues.

Source: Sunday Express



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