JOHN LENNON'S: Killer Coming Up For Parole Again

After nine previous rejections from the parole board, John Lennon’s killer is hoping that they’ll give his freedom a chance… again. Mark David Chapman is eligible for parole for the 10th time, scheduled to plead his case during the week of August 20th.

In previous parole hearings, Chapman has said he’s willing to pay for his crime “however long it takes, forever” in prison, resulting in kudos from the board for his “acceptance of responsibility” for his crime, not to mention his squeaky-clean prison record. In another effort to appeal to the board, he’s registering in the prison’s “family reunion” program, allowing conjugal visits with his wife Gloria Hiroko Chapman and visits with his stepfather.

The parole board has been easier on criminals lately when it comes to granting parole, focusing more on the progress of their behavior in prison rather than the severity of their original crime. Chapman would stand among many other cop killers and murderers set free this year after a history of denied parole.

Source: NY Daily News



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