TOM PETTY'S: Family Wants Your Help With His Next Video

Fans of the late Tom Petty have a chance to be featured in his next music video. A statement posted on his website recruits fans to share their photo and video memories of the rocker and his band The Heartbreakers, which may be used in an upcoming video. The name of the song for the video has not yet been revealed.

“We are making a very special music video in honor of Tom Petty and his profound 40-year relationship with his fans and we would love for you to help us,” the statement reads, “We invite you to share your favorite moment with Tom and the band. A picture you took with Tom, a favorite video from a show, or any expression of love for the band that you have photographed and cherished.”

This announcement follows the video release for “Keep a Little Soul,” the first single from Petty’s box set “An American Treasure,” which featured never-before-seen footage of Petty and his band.

Source: Tom Petty



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