DENNIS DeYOUNG: Has Some Thoughts On Styx Playing “Mr. Roboto

Styx has started playing “Mr. Roboto” in concert for the first time in five years and while fans are certainly excited about it, former Styx frontman Dennis DeYoung isn’t at all impressed.

In a new interview, DeYoung insists the band isn’t playing the song by choice. “The only reason they're playing 'Mr. Roboto' now…is that the promoters have demanded it,” he says, “because they're the ones that put up the money to take the risk to give you the money to play in your town."

As for whether he could ever bury the hatchet with his former bandmates, Tommy Shaw and James Young, Dennis doesn’t sound at all hopeful. “I could forgive anybody," he said. "I belong in the band because the fans want it, and it should be that way.” But, he says, “Those guys, for 20 years, have led a campaign to discredit me personally and professionally, and they've never given it up. Not even now.”

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock



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