STEVIE NICKS: Releases Duet with LeAnn Rimes

Stevie Nicks joins LeAnn Rimes for a new version of LeAnn’s tune “Borrowed,” which appears on LeAnn’s “Re-Imagined” EP. Stevie says she’s been a fan of the tune ever since she first heard LeAnn perform it on TV.

"It was very easy for me to try to be in that same sad, deeply tragic, passionate place where she was when she wrote that song because I had been there,” Stevie tells “Billboard.” “I had lived there for a long time.”

And when she heard about LeAnn reworking some of her songs for a new album, Stevie knew she wanted to join her for that song. “Being able to have another artist really kind of get you on so many levels in that authenticity and from that space is really magical,” LeAnn adds.

Stevie was so impressed working with LeAnn that she’s up for doing it again. “I would love to do a record with LeAnn,” said Nicks. “I’m hoping that for some reason we’ll get to go onstage and sing this song together.”

Source: Billboard

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