CHESTNUT: Sets Hot Dog Eating Record After Judges Recount

Wow, it’s official, instant replay is in every sport.

And I am not talking about the VAR they have been looking at in the World Cup.

I am talking about the review they were using looking at a plate.

Or should I say an empty plate.

That’s right, because yesterday, at the annual Nathan’s 4th of July Hot Dog Eating champ Joey “Jaws” Chestnut devoured the competition—and his own world record—he downed 74 hot dogs.

But viewers of the annual Coney Island chow-down were left scratching their heads, as the official tally had Chestnut downing just 64 franks.

Because the legendary event’s judges may need to bring in a fresh set of younger eyes after they lost count of how many dogs Chestnut and runner-up, Carmen Cincotti, had eaten.

“I knew early on that they messed up. I can see the counter in front of me,” Chestnut said. “At the first minute, they had me down at 10. I knew it was 20. They fell behind really quick.”

Officials eventually boosted Chestnut’s total from 64 to a record 74. Cincotti’s tally rose from the anemic 45 displayed on the broadcast screens to an official 64.

Meanwhile, Miki Sudo smashed 37 franks and buns down her gullet to notch her fifth consecutive Mustard Belt in the women’s competition. Michelle Lesco came in second, scarfing down 28.

Sudo and Chestnut earned a cool $10,000 apiece meaning their wallets also got a little fatter.

With which I am guessing they are going to spend on antacids.

Source: New York Post



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